The Web Observatory: A global data resource for the advancement of economic & social prosperity.


Sponsored by the Web Science Trust, a global not for profit institution with a secretariat at the University of Southampton that can leverage the web science research resources of the 15 University labs affiliated with the Web Science Trust (WSTnet) including Brazil, China, Korea, Europe and US, and the existing partnerships with W3C and the Web Foundation.

Organisational framework: The Web Observatory’s ambition is to provide:

• Semantic Catalogues to globally locate and describe existing data sets owned by many organisations (public and private)

• Identify Collection Systems to gather new global data sets

• Identify Analytics Tools to analyse and visualise data sets

Backed by a cohort of preeminent researchers under the auspices of the WST who can validate and interpret the data and advise industrialists, policy makers and the wider public as to its true significance

Our first preference is to point to existing data sets and tools but we may also sponsor the hosting of ‘homeless’ and ‘orphaned’ data sets and the development of new collection, analysis and visualisation tools

As a global resource, we will leverage both the ability of industry to contribute large scale systems, expertise and data sets and seek global governmental funding of web science research